Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink explores an astonishing but true fact: nearly 40 percent of every company is unprofitable by any measure, and 20 to 30 percent is so profitable that it provides all the reported earnings and subsidizes the losses.

Savvy managers worldwide are now using Profit Isle's state of the art big data analytics, and practices first introduced in this landmark book to rethink strategy and, in the process, are developing fresh approaches to customer relations, operations, and metrics.

This book introduced the analytics and bold new strategies that are helping business find and grow their islands of profit.

Enormously practical
— Inc. Magazine, Best Book for Business Owners, 2010
The changes Byrnes recommends in Islands of Profit add up to a total overhaul of practices and assumptions that have lingered unexamined in some companies for decades
— CNN Money
A systematic process for analyzing one the most important challenges facing all businesses
— Ron Sargent, CEO Staples

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